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All itineraries are individual and are tailor-made to suit your schedule and interests.


At New Zealand Paradise Tours, the South Island is our home and our speciality. We are frequently told this is the island with the most spectacular scenery including mountains, rivers, bush and coastal beaches all encompassed on a very narrow island.  We suggest visiting only one island if you are here for less than 3 weeks and this comes from experience. Lack of time for today's busy executive is prevalent and travellers frequently comment on their regrets at not having more time in the South Island. The roads are narrow and not travelled at a fast pace (80kmh average) - it's imperative to us that your trip leaves you seeing the best on offer at a slower pace so you head home refreshed.

Our packages include:

  • South Island Regional, a 7-10 day tour focusing on specific areas of the South Island
  • South Island Paradise, a 14-21 day tour of the South Island
  • New Zealand Wide, a 21+ day tour of New Zealand, encompassing both the South and North Island
  • Specialty Touring, encompassing your interests such as aviation, film locations, fishing, food and wine, golf, rail, romance, walking. If your special interest is not included on our list, please enquire.


Self Drive Itinerary

For those who prefer a self drive itinerary we can offer a range of luxury accommodation types and activities.  We make all your bookings and include instructions as part of your itinerary package. Please inquire if you would prefer this option (Self Drive Tour).


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