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Speciality Tour

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Specialty tours are another way of touring for those particularly passionate about an activity such as Aviation, Film Locations, Fishing, Food and Wine, Golf, Rail, Romance or Walking.

Some of our suggestions are:
  • Aviation Tour

    Our background in the aviation sector enables us to have many contacts within this industry. Travel by air wherever you choose to or simply partake in some day flights and visits to regional aviation museums.

  • Film Locations Tour

    Our New Zealand scenery is widely used as a natural film set by Hollywood due to the short distances between vastly different landscapes. Tour the real set of the Lord of the Rings. It was filmed in New Zealand - outside!! The Hobbit is next.

  • Fishing Tour

    We have some of the best fishing spots in the world. Whether a novice or an expert fisherman try your hand at ocean, trout or fly fishing. Our guides have years of local knowledge and nobody goes home disappointed.

  • Food and Wine Tour

    Take a culinary journey as you experience your taste of New Zealand. Enjoy the many gastronomic experiences on offer, participate in cooking classes or some wine appreciation.

  • Golf Tour

    Travel through New Zealand taking in the many different golf courses and magnificent locations. With New Zealand's small population, getting around our courses is a very pleasant experience.

  • Rail Tour

    Travel through New Zealand by train and visit trains that are only used for special events (steam locomotives).

  • Romance Tour

    Travelling on your honeymoon? Here for an anniversary? Or just taking your partner for the most romantic trip of a lifetime? You have come to the right location.  Watch a sunset or sunrise together in some of the world's most amazing scenic locations.

    Visit our thermal hot pools, dine at some incredible restaurants, relax at our indulgent day spas or simply soak up the atmosphere and be pampered at our beautiful hosted accommodations. New Zealand has it all.

  • Walking Tour

    Enjoy New Zealand's peaceful beauty by experiencing some marvellous walkways; be it a day trip or 7 days tramping. There are many different options available including having your bags transported for you and staying in a luxury lodge each evening.

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